ABS Pump Repairs and ABS Pump Testing

AP-Reman have developed our own in house test rigs for ABS testing and repair, these systems allow us to replicate real world driving conditions.
All defects are repaired to the highest standard and where possible components of a higher quality are used resulting in a repair that is of equal or better quality than the original manufactured unit.

What is an ABS system ?

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a safety anti-skid braking system used on vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses.
ABS operates by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking thereby maintaining tractive contact with the road surface and allowing the driver to maintain more control over the vehicle.
An ABS pump combined consists of multiple components such as : ABS module / ABS hydraulic unit / ABS pump motor.

ABS Module

The ABS module is the electronic control unit (ECU) that is responsible for reading and calculating the data it collects from multiple sensors such as wheel speed sensors, yaw rate, brake fluid pressure, individual wheel brake pressure, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, steering wheel angle, engine and gearbox speeds.
The ABS module calculates the data then applies the exact amount of braking force required during emergency braking conditions and can also control each wheel individually by operating the hydraulic solenoids within the ABS hydraulic unit.
ABS modules (ECUs) are common for failing which can cause multiple problems such as communication errors, individual or multiple wheel speed sensor faults, solenoid valve faults, steering angle sensor faults, internal control module faults, brake pressure sensor faults, pump motor faults, vehicle programming or coding faults and non start of vehicle.

ABS Hydraulic Unit

The ABS hydraulic unit mechanically regulates brake fluid pressure individually to each wheel, the regulation is calculated by the ABS module which then fully or partially activates or deactivates the solenoids within the ABS hydraulic unit.
The ABS hydraulic unit may have one or more brake pressure sensors which send data to the ABS module to monitor the braking pressure applied by the driver and or the brake pressure at each wheel. Brake pressure sensor faults and solenoid valve faults are common failures.

ABS Pump Motor

The ABS pump motor is controlled by the ABS module, the operation of the ABS pump motor regulates the amount of pressure within the ABS hydraulic unit during emergency braking conditions. ABS pump motor and ABS pump motor connector faults are common failures.

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Colin WestColin West
06:44 31 May 22
Great service and really helpful, I've a Renault Master with a mystery electrical fault and nearly bought a new ECU costing about a millon pounds and Shane tested it and cleaned up the contacts on the ECU for a very reasonable price.Even if the issue is not resolved at least it has eliminated the ECU as the culprit. Auto electrics are a tricky area and frankly most garages can't go beyond looking at a diagnostic print out and DTCs (error codes) and are clueless, and usually end up swapping out parts at random costing another million pounds. Go to AP-Reman first!Thanks to Shane for saving me a fortune.I'd thoroughly recommend using them.
nick brocasnick brocas
11:02 28 Apr 22
Sent my fiancées clocks off for repair after receiving several quotes from the big companies and clocks were sent back within a week and for a fraction of the cost. Lifesaver
FastFit AutocentresFastFit Autocentres
17:24 09 Mar 22
All done installed and working fine.
John JohnstonJohn Johnston
16:03 10 Jan 22
I would recommend this company based on my experiences.Sent ABS unit via UPS as recommended - it arrived the next day. I received a call within 2 days to say the unit was fixed and advised the fault was due to contaminated brake fluid so a warranty couldn't be provided & recommended that I thoroughly flushed the system. I admit I was sceptical given a Ford Main dealer had replaced the brake fluid & the brake fluid in the reservoir looked clean/fresh. Paid for repair and the ABS unit was duly posted immediately after payment and ultimately arrived the next day.Before fitting, I duly thoroughly flushed the lines from the brake reservoir to the ABS unit & noticed some contamination. Fitted unit and when trying to flush lines to calipers found some of the caliper bleed screws firmly rusted to the caliper. De-rusted & eventually freed bleed screws and the fluid from the lines was far from clean & clearly significantly contaminated. The root cause was bang on!ABS unit has been working fine for about 3 weeks.CAR:- 2015 (onwards) Ford C-MAX.ABS unit is located behind battery & very fiddly to access ...
Lucy TayorLucy Tayor
18:39 05 Jul 21
Had problem with a Porsche ecu fitted under the seat where it got wet. Looked knackered but expensive to buy even second hand. Sent away to Shane worked his magic with quick reliable service !! Would highly recommend!!

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